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August 2023

Relive our first-ever event on the 23rd of August by watching some of the brilliant contributions we screened that night! Where the films are not available online, we suggest getting into contact with the creators if you want to view them.

Beautiful Cork / Mickael Do Couto

“Experience one year in Cork in less than 3 minutes ! Witness a year in Cork like never before! Join me as I showcase the city's magical transformation through all four seasons in just 3 minutes. From cozy winter days to sun-soaked summers, I tried to capture it all. It took me two years of dedication, early mornings, and rainy shoots to create this video. So sit back, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Cork throughout the year. Enjoy the journey!’

Josh Tries to Figure Out Why Girls Don't Like Him / Adam Barry-Murphy

A young man attempts to unweave the inner workings of women's minds.

Cast & Crew Details

Radioactive Bastard / ZootGhost

An innocent citizen is being harassed by a baddie. Unjust violence is about to ensue. Luckily Radioactive Bastard hears their cries for help. He must fight the evil villain and save the day.

Cast & Crew Details

Machnamh / Muireann Hayes

This documentary showcases the process of constructing a super adobe meditation space. It showcases how Superadobe is made with natural materials collected from the site. It follows the journey of the workshop, from building the foundation to people’s experience of nature and media. The film also delves into the benefits of meditation and how this space can enhance the practice.

Cast & Crew Details

The Normal Elevator / Paul Dima

In the depths of an ordinary elevator, a late-night shift turns into a harrowing descent into darkness.

Cast & Crew Details

End of the Line / Shane Kelleher

A young man named Harry decides he is going to end his life by drinking himself to death. Throughout Harry's night of drinking, we learn more about his troubled past through encounters with strangers he meets during what he considers to be his final night. By the end of the night, Harry realizes he has a choice to make, either confront his past or continue drinking until he is dead.

Cast & Crew Details

M. Sea - The Strangest Magic / Sarah Corcoran

Written and Performed by M.SEA / Mary Claire Woolley

Cast and Crew Details

Just Visiting / Laurie Shaw

Just Visiting by @laurie_shaw__

Just Visiting is an experimental film exploring the idea of visitation from abstract, inter-dimensional entities.

Cast & Crew Details

Babylamb - The Weapon / Jamie Hooper & Conor Hooper

"For The Weapon, we conceptualised and co-produced a bonkers music video, directed by Jamie (@somehoop) & Conor Hooper (@conorhooper). We’ve always been keen to expand into multi-media projects and make use of Rían’s virtual-reality expertise. The video combines virtual-reality back-projected scenes and practical effects to produce an otherworldly juxtaposition." - @babylambband

Cast & Crew Details

Alarm Boy / Adam Byrne

A door-to-door security salesman catches a lucky break and stumbles his way into the home of a potential customer. However, this customer is not who he claims to be...

Instagram: adambyrne0, conoriffic1001

Cast & Crew Details

Mac an Saol / Anna Doyle & John Murphy

'Our entry to the Little Cinema Galway's 48 Hour Challenge 2022! We were fortunate enough to win the awards for Best Cinematography, Best Use of Prop and a Special Mention for Best Film!' - John Murphy @slaod

Cast & Crew Details

Homofonia / Luke Murphy

As their Debs application deadline approaches, a closeted couple must sort their domestic issues as Gaeilge to prevent their classmates from knowing they’re an item. However, translation issues leave their relationship in jeopardy.

Cast & Crew Details


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