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May 2024 Showcase Trailer

May we interest you in a selection of amazing films?

The Picturehouse Cork | May Showcase lineup is here 7pm, Wednesday 29th of May

The Immeasurable Grief of the Prawn - Elinor O'Donovan @elinorodonovan

The Marina - Sean Leahy @sleahy17

Boopie’s Quest - Shane Kelleher - @shane.kelleher

Dish 8 - Cashell Horgen @madeimagefilms

Pip Goes Plop - @somehoop

Beyond - David Gould @daveindiana

Take Off Your Pants, We’re Driving to get Vapes - Lucas Stan @takeoffyourpantsband

Body’s Blindness - Jikke Lesterhuis @jikkelesterhuis

Finding Mothers - Barra Convery @barra_con

Recharge Your Garden - Megan Ahern @megannahern

Eclipse Of Sovereignty - Michael Antonio Keane @michael_a_keane#FilmInCork

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