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November 2023

On the 27th of November, we screened a terrific mix of drama, comedy, animation and more from absolute beginners to award-winning professionals. Where the films are not available online, we suggest getting into contact with the creators if you want to view them.

Alphabet Soup / Conor Flynn

My first short film.

Cast & Crew

Not a Dry Eye in the House / Kevin Walsh

An emotional cover version of the Diane Warren-penned Meat Loaf classic, Kevin Walsh makes his solo artistic debut to pay tribute to his favourite artist who “had a profound impact on [Kevin’s] life as a man and an artist”.

Cast & Crew

Diva and the Sound Man / Emma Coleman

A financially struggling sound technician overhears the private phone call of a famous soap actress, Daiva. Their relationship is put to the test as he decides whether or not to sell her story to the press.

Cast & Crew

the morphine queen & the need / @juliepourlavie

Cast & Crew

That Guy You Always Meet in the Smoking Area Just Wandered into My Backyard / Graham McSweeney & David McSweeney

Cast & Crew

Written and directed by Graham McSweeney & David McSweeney

Cleaner / Edwin Mullane

Stuck on an island, three young people must deal with the fact that they may not be alone.

Cast & Crew

Rounding Bends / Alex Eydt

no sense, i'm blind // nonsense, i'm fine.

Mourning Murder / Liam Fahy

A short one-minute film about a group of crows holding a funeral for a dead friend.

Cast & Crew

Thirst / Luke K Murphy

A man goes to extreme lengths to enjoy a drink.

Chris ist Nicht Mehr Hier / Benjamin Rupprecht

Locked up in his apartment, Florian is trapped in a space between past and present, reality

and imagination. Trying to process the trauma of having lost his brother, the borders

between who died and who is dying begin to blur. “Christ ist nicht mehr hier” shines a light

on the effect of suicide both to those at the moment of leaving and to those who remain.

Cast & Crew

Language: German, English Subtitles


Anton Dreger, Nikolas Schurz, Maria Helgath

Director: Benjamin Rupprecht

Script: Fabian Krebs

DOP: Philipp Kaiser

Gaffer: Paul Schumacher

Sound Mixer: Fabian Krebs, Daood Alabdulaa

1. AD: Andreas Thomas

1. AC: Marius Macarei

Grip: Andreas Blind

Make-Up/Costume: Juli Waivek

Runner: Alessandro Pizzi

Composer: Stefan Krenn

Sounddesign/Mixing: Monty Richter

Colourist: Philippe Schmidt

insta: @ben_rupprecht



Wireless / Brian Benjamin Dwyer

A short film about married couple Ziggy and Teddy, a fun-loving middle-aged couple, who lose the run of

themselves on a secluded Cork island after they believe they are the only ones there.

Funded by Fastnet Film Festival through the David and Patsy Puttnam Screenplay Award.

Cast & Crew

There's Good in Goodbye / Emily Terri Shannon

Cast & Crew

The Blue Ball / John Bermingham

While on a mission in space, Yolandi - an astronaut Jack Russell Terrier, is reminded of moments from her life back on earth.

Cast & Cre


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