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Short Film Lineup for Wednesday 25th October

THE PEOPLE'S HAUNTED HOUSE : Wednesday 25th October at 7pm.

Come dressed as your favourite film or TV character (Prizes for best costume!)

We have an amazing selection of spooky films in store - Book your tickets now for a guaranteed horror-filled evening !

The Dragon of Shandon / Dervla Baker, Lawrence Cook, Elena Binnig, Aoibh Foynes, Daniel Heaphy and Avleen Aanand

Siege of Paris / Darren O'Mahony

Blood of the Woods / Emily Murray

Doom / ZootGhost

Lucid / Ronin Scuffins

The Child Killer / Adam Barry-Murphy

La Propuesta / Alexis Cifuentes

Mother Father Monster / Seán Breathnach

Account no. 994 / Laurie Shaw

How to Rob a Witch / Liam Fahy

Dare / George Lynch

Caroline / Andrew Wrenard

Hysterics / Pia Fitzgerald

The Leftovers / Michael Fitzgerald


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