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Short Film Lineup for Wednesday 27th September

D’Beours / Avril O’Sullivan

Synopsis: "As a photographer, I am drawn to the energy and vibrancy of Cork's drag scene, which inspires me to capture the artistry and talent of its performers. D’Beours is a personal exploration of this unique and captivating world, through which I hope to pay homage to the incredible skill and creativity of these artists."


Plight of the Pintman / David McSweeney & Graham McSweeney

Synopsis: A young bartender has some terrible news for three of the pub's regular patrons.

Cast & Crew Details:

Director - Graham McSweeney (@graham_mcsweeney)

Writers - Graham McSweeney & David McSweeney (@d_mcsweeney)

Producers - Graham McSweeney & David McSweeney

Director of Photography - Callan Buckley

Sound - Peter McCarthy

Editor - Graham McSweeney


Donncha - David McSweeney Pat - Liam O'Caoimh

Georgie - David Gould Tommy - Rob Cogan Megan - Megan Prendergast

Man in beer garden - Graham McSweeney

Social Media Addresses:

Instagram - @mcsweeneyfilms, @graham_mcsweeney, @d_mcsweeney

Twitter - @McSweeneyFilms

YouTube -

Pöato Said It’s Ok To Fall / Immanuel Sola

Synopsis : Poato a being from the Satin Psychedelic tells a tale of visual poetry.

Cast & Crew Details:

Starring: Maclaine Black

Creative Director: Immanuel Sola

Photographer / Videographer: Philip Corkery

Stylist: Lorna Egan

In life, there are days.

“It feels like I’m the only one who knows what’s really going on

Now it seems so dead and gone in this beautiful confusion,

will you catch me?

I’m heading towards Spaces, the Psychedelic and I’m ready to let go

What if I fall on my face,

will you catch me?”

Synopsis: Documentary short film on the experience of a trans young person in Dublin Ireland

Dir. Éadaoin O'Shea Costley / 2022 / 4m

Cast & Crew Details:




Social media

@eoscvideography – Éadaoin O’Shea Costley Videography (IG) Éadaoin O’Shea Costley – (LinkedIn )

Conversations With My Dead Father / Maurice O’Carroll, Sinead O'Riordan , Ciaran Birmingham

The Bad Acid Bunch & Silly Cigs / @zootghost Bjorn Calleja & Sam Perkin

Synopsis: A double-bill of animated oddity from Zootghost

Unseen Riders / George Lynch & Krystína Nebylová

Synopsis: Two delivery riders for the company Deliveroo share their own account and experiences in Cork, Ireland.

Cast & Crew Details:

Directed by George Lynch and Kristína Nebylov

Like a Bolt from the Blue / Michael Antonio Keane

Synopsis: An unplanned pregnancy changes the lives of a young teenage couple forever

Cast & Crew Details:

Michael Antonio Keane - Writer/Director & Lead Actor

Amreeta Leddy - Lead Actor

Cinematography :

Ashish Prasai

Benjamin Lipson

Jan Paul Lodzinski

Vicente Bautista

The House of a Thousand Eyes / Conor Hooper & Jamie Hooper

Synopsis: An anxiety-inducing trip to the shops during the height of lockdown. Written and animated in 48 hours.

Cast & Crew Details:

Directed by Conor Hooper and Jamie Hooper

Starring Emmet Byrne

Intergalactic Party Monster / Bjorn


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