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October 2023: The People's Haunted House

On the 25th of October, we hosted The People's HAUNTED House. Like the regular Picturehouse, but spookier! We had prizes for best costume from Poachers and The Cork International Film Festival, and a truly bone-chilling selection of shorts. Where the films are not available online, we suggest getting into contact with the creators if you want to view them.

The Dragon of Shandon / Dervla Baker, Lawrence Cook, Elena Binning, Aoibh Foynes Heaphy & Avleen Aanand

The Dragon of Shandon is a self-reflexive documentary that offers an insight into the work and talent behind the annual Halloween-themed parade. A documentary by students of the Film and Screen Media MA in UCC, this film charts the various groups and communities that come together annually to work on the parade. It also spotlights the challenges and obstacles the participants face in putting it all the pieces together, as well as the anticipation in the weeks leading up to the event. With an emphasis on community and the importance of art and creative expression, The Dragon of Shandon serves as a celebration of one of Cork’s most beloved parades and the wonderfully creative people behind it.

Cast & Crew

The Child Killer / Adam Barry Murphy

A killer, short in stature, breaks into a woman's home with murder on their mind...

Cast & Crew

Lucid / Ronan Scuffins

Lucid tells the story of an isolated college student trying to escape her mundane life through lucid dreaming until she comes to find avoiding reality has consequences.

Cast & Crew

Siege of Paris / Darren O'Mahony & Sinead O'Riordan

Shot in a single day at Cragguanowen Heritage Park, Co. Clare, Ireland, Siege of Paris is a short no-budget fan film that acts as an unofficial prequel to Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Siege of Paris DLC.

War is a fire that just needs a spark. It's 885 AD and the kingdoms of Francia have been united for the first time in a century. Charles the Fat, great-grandson of Charlemagne currently wages a slow war against the Viking settlers in Francia. If he is not stopped, soon he will turn his eyes to England. Legendary Viking clan chief Eivor Varrinsdottir has been sent for in the hopes she can help the settlers fight back and protect their people.

Cast & Crew

DOOM / Zootghost

Animated by @Zootghost a collaboration featuring characters by @RussellTaysom + @iamuglypeople + @Ketnipz

The Leftovers / Michael Fitzgerald, Arcadie Fihy & Conor Crowley

Stuck on an island, three young people must deal with the fact that they may not be alone.

Cast & Crew

Caroline / Andrew Wrenard

La Propuesta / Alexis Cifuentes

A and B have just met through a dating app. Both of them, without knowing it and looking for it, have the same question: What does it feel like to kill someone? Without further ado, they will go in search of the answer to this proposition that A makes to B.

Cast & Crew

Hysterics / Pia Fitzgerald

Sometimes not seeing blood is scarier than seeing it. This is true for those who every month have to ask themselves the age-old question "am I late?". Always with the hysterics.

Cast & Crew

Red Raw Dead Bones / Bjornism


Blood of the Woods / Emily Murray

An inept director puts the crew of his low-budget horror “Blood of the Woods” through hell on-set… but there’s something far worse waiting in the woods. Produced as part of the OFFline 57-Hour Filmmaking Challenge.

Cast & Crew

Dare / George Lynch

What looks to be the end of a horrifying murder straight out of a slasher, we witness the events playback in reverse to what caused this event.

Cast & Crew

Mother Father Monster / Seán Breathnach

A man working as a butler in an old castle has been warned against entering a particular room, no matter what he sees or hears. What is it that Lady Charleville is hiding?

Cast & Crew

Account no. 994 / Laurie Shaw

Just Visiting is an experimental film exploring the idea of visitation from abstract, inter-dimensional entities.

Cast & Crew

How to Rob a Witch / Liam Fahy

Why wish for riches when you can rob witches? A brother and sister rob an elderly witch living beneath a wishing well deep in the woods. Deep in the woods Martin and Maeve find a witching well marked on their map. After finding the secret key stone that opens a hole in the bottom, Martin lowers Maeve down in the well’s pail into the snoring Witch’s cozy underground dwelling. After finding the Witch’s jar of collected wishing coins and her wand, the not-so-innocent Maeve begins terrorising the kind Witch and her old cat. After Maeve escapes back to the surface the gentle Witch comforts her distraught pet...just before Maeve uses her wand to cave the roof in on them. With their pockets filled, they set off for the next home on their map.

Cast & Crew


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